Kissing Under the Mistletoe ★★★★☆

Kissing Under the Mistletoe (The Sullivans, #10) - Bella Andre
Author: Bella Andre
Genre: Contemporary Romance
400 pages  
     I don't normally read contemporary romance.  After reading a few during the clean out your e-reader challenge I thought I'd try some more.  I'm reading Christmasy books this month and Kissing Under the Mistletoe is my first.  I got this book on audio and the narrator did a great job.  I didn't realize until after reading the book that this is actually book 10 of The Sullivans series.  I'm glad that I didn't know because it might have stopped me from reading it.  Actually after spending some time on Bella Andre's website and looking at the family tree I think it's a great place to start.  Despite being book 10 it's actually about the start of the Sullivan family.
     This book is about Mary and Jack.  How they met and their wirlwind romance.  I am not used to books that go so in depth with a relationship like this one did.  This book took us through the first year.  I think that Bella Andre did a great job of capturing the love that Mary and Jack had.  I found myself cheering for them. This book made me laugh and made me cry.  Mary and Jack's is a great story.  I love how she tied Christmas into the story in so many different ways.
     Jack is an inventor and is getting ready to launch his invention called the Pocket Planner which I imagine to be like a Palm Pilot.  At the beginning of the book he is told that unless he can find a way to advertize his invention that the launch will be put off until after the holidays.  That's when he sees Mary who is a model and doing her last photo-shoot.  He asks her to become the spokesperson for the Pocket Planner and she agrees.  They are both extremely attracted to each other but have decided to keep their relationship professional.