Mr. Red Riding Hoode ★★★☆☆

Mr. Red Riding Hoode - Dana Marie Bell

Author: Dana Marie Bell
Genre: Paranormal Romance
97 pages


This will be a mini review for a mini book... Dana Marie Bell classified this as a novella but I swear it's more like a short story. Out of the 97 pages at least 10 were advertizements for her other books. Normally I don't mind that with her books but this one just felt rushed. I was really looking forward to Chela and Steve's story. It was good but it could have been so much better.


If you haven't read the first book in the Pocono's Pack series Finding Forgiveness then I would suggest you read it first. Without that book you would be lost reading this novella. Mr. Red Riding Hoode centers around Ben and Dave's wedding so if you haven't read their book then you won't know who Charlie is or really even Steve. Another must would be Steel Beauty from the Halle Pumas series. It involves Rick and Belle the Alpha and Luna of the Pocono's pack. So really I wouldn't suggest Mr. Red Riding Hoode unless you are caught up with both series. You'd just be lost and it would take away from your enjoyment greatly.


I have adored Chela since Steel Beauty. She is the pack's Omega. She comes into her Omega powers in Steel Beauty. It was great to see in Mr. Red Riding Hoode how much she's grown into a strong and capable person and how happy she is. Before this book we only hear about Steve. There was a big mix up in Finding Forgiveness where Dave thinks that Ben is in love with Steve. I was pleasantly surprised that the Steve I had pictured was all wrong. I imagined this stuffy rich guy. Actually he's really laid back and cool. There really isn't mention of his money at all in the story.


Mr. Red Riding Hoode is so short because Steve sneaks into a pack meeting and sees everyone change into wolves at the beginning of the story. The rest of it is him coming to grips with them all being wolves. His relationship with Chela seems to be more of a forethought. This really disappointed me because I love all of the other books in the Halle Puma, Halle Shifters and Pocono's Pack series. I think that 3 stars is the lowest that I've rated any of Dana Marie Bell's books. Like I said earlier in the review it just felt rushed. It could have been longer.


Favorite Quote:


"Leave it to him to go on vacation in the one place that was chock-full of Team Jacob."