Outcast  - Cheryl Brooks

The best of the series by far for several reasons. The biggest reason is that with this book she dropped using first person! Halleluiah! I find first person very limiting and annoying to read. The other reason was that there were lots of updates from the characters in the first 3 books! Yay again to Cheryl Brooks for really getting things right with this 4th book. The story was absolutely great. I had actually pondered this concept after reading the first book. I thought well my gosh if the guys are that great I'm surprised they weren't tied down and forced to... well ya know. It's close to what happened to poor Lynx. I loved both Lynx and Bonnie and thought the whole populating a new planet and farming thing was pretty cool. I barely slept while reading this book. Guess I shouldn't have started reading it before bed!