Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ok since I know there is a new book coming out and I will go back to this review to reacquaint myself with the series when it comes out there are spoilers. Finally in this book Daemon and Katie are together. They have some ups and downs but their relationship is really sweet and I think Daemon is a great guy. Then there's Blake who was sneaking into Katie's bed and she never told Daemon about it. The whole town was getting restless because of the dissapearing and in Dawson's case reappearing. Simon disspaeared because Katie showed too much power around him. (he is killed at the end by Daemon) Clarissa dissapears from the hospital only to show up in Katie's bedroom and subsequently blows up. When she blows up the opal falls under the bed and Blake steals it from Katie at the mountain. Will shows up and almost kills Katie and in so Daemon since they are linked. They practice with the metal until they can get through the doors. They save Beth and Chris only to have Blake (I think) turn on the alarms at the last minute. Katie is trapped between the killing laser beams and Arum. When they saved Beth she tried to tell them about Blake but nobody would listen. So now Katie is trapped and Blake is a traitor. No big surprise there. Although since I think he believes he is in love with her it did surprise me, mabye it's that kind of "if I can't have you nobody will" mentality? I almost saw this coming because she had been kinda lining up her life and looking forward to a future... and where's the fun in that right? Either the series ends or there's a new drama to unfold.

-Side Note: I really wish that the author would have made the girls home town somewhere other than Gainesville. I live close to there and there are no darn beaches. It's a college town really. Outside of Gainesville is mostly farms.