Your Coffin or Mine? - Kimberly Raye

This review is for books 1-5 of the DED series. I am just reviewing them now because I litterally could not stop reading. These books were hilarious! I read a lot at night and I had to get up several times and go into another room because I was laughing so hard I thought that I might wake up my husband. If you like Katie MacAlister and Molly Harper you will love this series. I really don't have any complaints other than I'm not into name brand clothes and stuff so I either skipped over the parts that went into detail of what someone was wearing or a couple times I looked it up so that I could get an idea of what it looked like. According to Kimberly Raye's website the 6th book in the series will be re-released by a new publisher in e-book format so I am impatiently waiting for that. I read the little blurb at the end of book 5 and I'm dying to read it!