Alice's Alpha - Ann Gimpel

This was a quick read that I really enjoyed. I wish it was a bit longer but that seems to be the way with these types of books. I was intrigued to read something from this time period and wasn't disappointed. I found myself several times looking up things like flashlights, cars and phones out of curiosity. This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be the last. I liked her take on the Shifters and Hunters; and the magic was something unique too.

Alice is ahead of her time being an independent woman and I thought it funny how she would say it's the 1930's after all. She had a lot of spunk and was no pushover. Being very tall for a woman and having a mans career doesn't help her prospects either. But the 3 wolves love her for all that makes her different and I like that. I get sick of a lot of the erotic romance going on and on about plump breasts, big hips, ect. She's tall but at the same time she's fine with it, no self-depricating inner dialogue.