Biting Cold - Chloe Neill

The problem with first-person urban fantasy books seems to be the authors can never let the damn heroine be happy! I would have given this 3 1/2 stars if it was available. The mystery and storyline was great but the whole thing between Merit and Ethan is getting old. I started this book, got 1/4 of the way through it and stopped for over a week. I finished it within a day of starting it up again but my frustration really didn't let me enjoy it as I did the previous books. Of course there was a happy ending but eh the ending to the last book was happy too! I thought everything was great between Merit and Ethan and then boom the damn drama starts back up again. So I'm not holding out much hope for the next book. I'm sure the story will be great considering the shocking decision that was made at the end of this book but if the whole thing is overshadowed by Merit's misery over Ethan I'm not going to bother reading it.