Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12) - Nalini Singh, Angela Dawe

All I can say is wow. 2 years ago I found this series and have been hooked ever since. I admit there were a few books in the series that I didn't like as much but let me just say it's all come down to this. I may have to re-read the whole series with everything I have learned in this book in mind. I was in a panic when I finished afraid that this was the final book but after looking on Nalini Singh's website it looks like there are 2 more books in this series and possibly other books that will be written in the same world. Yay! This is one of the most unique series that I have read and I am thrilled it's not over yet. Since the main characters in this book are a secret I'll just say they are both Psy and that I was shocked to discover their connection. Now I'm dying to read the next book!