Private Demon (Darkyn #2) - Lynn Viehl

Sooo good. I'm telling ya it's one of those darn books you can't put down. The switching from one point of view to another about drove me crazy but that's only because something exciting would happen and then it would switch to someone else. Reminds me of reading the Wheel of Time series.

Ok so let's see... The book starts up 6 months after the end of the last book. We have Alex and Michael in this book from the last book. Tierry who was the husband/father that went crazy when his wife supposedly was tortured to death. A new heroine Jema who I really liked. I love how Lynn Viehl makes their careers so interesting. She must have done so much research for these books. Such strong, independent characters. Alex's brother John was in the book as well. Valentine the vamp of Chicago that Michael met up with briefly in the first book played a big part as well.

Truthfully I didn't want things to end up the way they did until almost the very end of the book. I kept waiting for it to go a different way but it never did. So far I'm really enjoying this series. I get really sick of books written in first person so this is like a breath of fresh air even if it does drive me nuts with the suspense of waiting to get to the point of view I am waiting for. :)