Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews

I will admit that I had an extremely hard time deciding how to rate this book. I finally decided that if I looked at the book as a whole and didn't concentrate on the parts that aggravated me it was a 4 star. *sigh* This seems to be a trend with urban fantasy. We cheer and are thrilled that the couple finally get together and then something happens that makes us sure that they will not last. Every freaking time. Can't authors just let them be happy and concentrate on something else? This is so predictable! My problem with this is that I get so damned attached to the characters and especially Kate because I love her so much that when she "feels" something in the book I'm right there with her! Argh. So this book was torture for me!

The storyline for this book was one of the best in the Kate Daniels series. It feels like it's counting down to the endgame now. The fight scenes were totally awesome and I loved them as always. There were some new characters in this book. Some I loved and most I hated. I'm looking forward to Kate's endgame with her father. I do love this world that the authors have built for us and pray that they will continue books such as Gunmetal Magic that are based in "Kate Daniels' World".