Under the Full Moon: Book 2 in the Swamp Magic Series (Crimson Romance) - Bobbi Romans

I loved this story! It's about time someone writes something in Florida that isn't about beaches! I really wish I had read the first book but it really isn't required since within the first chapter you're pretty much filled in. At the beginning I was like ok this is going to be pretty boring since they already knew each other and liked each other. But, I was wrong. They both have their baggage that gets in the way.

Damien is a totally hot armadillo shifter. Hehe. The only place I've seen a live armadillo is in the zoo. Poor things are like road kill magnets. Anyway, so Damien has this whole he-man alpha male thing going on. Grace is a witch and since a witch turned Damien she's afraid he won't accept her. She's really sweet. I liked her a lot more than her niece who was in the first book.

The book isn't all relationship drama. There's a lot going on. A lot! I'm really looking forward to book 3. The end of 2 was a cliffhanger! Ack. Gonna drive me crazy.