Wildfire - Mina Khan

Awwww I don't want it to be over! This book was great. I loved Lynn. She was such a "real" character. The blurb that describes the book doesn't do it justice. I decided to read this book because I have been in the mood for different lately. I haven't read many mysteries in years but I'm addicted to anything paranormal so I figured it was worth a try. The closest comparison I could make is The Dresden Files... without the witty humor. I hope that the author decides to write more dragon stories.

Lynn is the main character. She is a dragon-shifter who is suffering from the recent loss of her grandmother/mentor and the nasty breakup with her fiance. She's struggling with her place in the world and the fact that her dragon seems to be attracted to everyone in her friend Jen's town makes things even worse. I liked Jen, as with Lynn she seems like the girl next door. Then we have Jack and Henry... Lynn finds herself attracted to both but at the same time suspicious that one of them is involved in the recent arsons.

If you've read some of my other reviews you'll know that I like it when the author goes in depth with the characters careers. Having worked for a newspaper I found Lynn's coverage of her stories very interesting. Unlike a lot of mystery-type books lately she's not a private eye or something but falls into a journalism career. I also liked that the story is based in Texas since there aren't many paranormal books based there. I enjoyed the history of the area. All in all a great book and I plan to read Mina Khan's other books.

**Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange**