Selkie's Revenge (Orkney Selkies, #2) - Rosanna Leo

Although I didn't like the main characters in this book as much as the first it was still a good story. I can understand why all the girls are crazy about this book and Machar... he's like an alpha male but sensitive and wanting to settle down with a family. Beth is mourning and although I liked the story and Beth herself I found the book a bit depressing.

The part I really found interesting and why I gave it 4 stars were the finmen. I had never heard of the legend of finmen. I had actually not heard of selkies before starting to read this genre. This story was one of those good vs evil stories where you don't know who the bad guy is. I love it when authors use folklore and mythology to write their stories and make it come to life. I'm looking forward to reading more by Rosanna Leo and glad I discovered her books.