Faefever - Karen Marie Moning

All I can say is wow. This book has so much going on I couldn't put it down. Mac is finally growing up and turning into the Mac I expected when I started the series. It's actually pretty cool that we get to see her changing. Although after the ending of the book I'm not sure what she'll be like in the next book... and that's all I'll say on that! I already had an idea of what would happen because unfortunately someone didn't put spoilers on their review. I just didn't expect it to happen like it did. I didn't plan to read book 4 right away but there's no way I can wait to find out what happens next.

As far as characters go there's really nobody new. No new players in the game. Things are more and more confusing with Barrons and V'lane. Every time I think I have it Barrons figured out I'm wrong. Actually all my guesses of what will happen next through this whole series have been wrong! That's surprising and refreshing. What's also surprising is the type of series this is. I never expected something so dark. I actually expected some "fairy" love story. I was sooo wrong. So on that note I will go read the next book.