The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo - Kerrelyn Sparks

I just love this series! There's the perfect mix of humor, romance and action. I found Dougal's story of his past very interesting. It's always neat in a series like this to get to know one of the characters that's been there from the start. There was a bit of an update on most of the past characters in the series as well in this book.

I loved Leah. She's a genius geneticist. I would have liked more of her work in the book but as it wasn't needed for the storyline I can understand why it was left out. I liked the fox shifter as well. I'm hoping there will be a novella for her and Lazlo. It was nice to have Abby in this one so much since she really hasn't been in the other books. I also liked all the angels they have been left out since Connor's book.

Sadly now I have to wait for the next book. I'm hoping for another shifter book.