Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, #7) - Lorelei King, Patricia Briggs

I really need to stop paying attention to peoples reviews when it comes to a series I love. I had put off reading this book because of some reviews I read shortly after it came out. I wish I hadn't because it was just as good if not better than the other books in this series. I especially liked the parts from Adam's point of view. It's so nice to have a couple in an urban fantasy series actually stick together and not have half the book be one complication after another in their relationship. I can add this series to Kat & Bone's as another that doesn't screw with the relationship through half the books. Well done Patricia Briggs. The story overall was really good and although had some sad parts I liked it a lot. I enjoyed the interaction between Mercy and her step-daughter and Mercy and the pack. Now the only worry is that the series will last too long and stagnate. I would love to see more offshoots like Alpha and Omega instead of overdoing Mercy.