Until the Sun Falls from the Sky - Kristen Ashley

I have to say that Kristen Ashley is one of the best romance authors I have ever read. I love her Fantasyland series and it seems The Three series will be just as good. I read this book for the Gotta Have Paranormal Romance with a Kick group's newbies vs vets challenge. We had to pick what we thought would be our partners "book boyfriend" or basically the guy in a book that you would make your own if you could choose. Lucien would be a huge yes!

Lucien is a super hot alpha male 822 year old vampire that lost his mate 500 years ago. For the last 500 years vampires do not take mortal mates. Instead they take concubines. Not sexual ones... just for blood. This is where Leah comes in.

Leah is awesome. At first I thought she was a young girl. It doesn't say until later in the book that she is in fact 40 years old. The cool part about her age is that she has sworn she will never grow up and she's just such a colorful character. I can totally imagine meeting and being friends with her, unlike a lot of books that I read where the characters are so unreal.

Altogether this was a wonderful book. As I say sooo often in my reviews if it made me laugh, cry and feel a mixture of emotions through the book then it is written well. A good book drags you into the characters and makes you feel what they feel and Kristen Ashley seems to be a pro at this.