Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I was searching for something different to read and this one is surely different. I love it. Now, I have to say I got almost halfway through before realizing that the Lux .5 book was something I should read. Ugh. I had to stop this book, read that one and restart this one. I guess I could have gone without it but I suddenly felt like I was missing a big part of the story. They don't really get into the story of Dawson in Obsidian so I think it was worth the time. It also gives a little more backstory on why Daemon is the way he is regarding humans. I liked the battle of wills between them from the start of the book. The sister Dee is like this cute pixie type character. I'm going to read Lux book 2 after this even though I had a different book lined up to read next. I just can't wait. :)