If Angels Burn  - Lynn Viehl

This book was very unique. I really enjoyed it. There are so many vampire books out there that sometimes it gets old. I can't say anything about the rest of the series as I haven't read it yet but as far as this book goes it was different, which is good. I will be reading the second book and hoping it is as good.

As heroines go I liked Alex. She wasn't perfect, didn't think she was perfect. I liked the empathy she had and found her job as a surgeon very interesting. Michael was a bit of an ass but it's to be expected after spending 700 years never having anyone question a thing he does. The parts with brother John kind of annoyed me but at the same time it was like a car wreck, I had to see what happened. My favorite person what Phillipe although there wasn't much from his point of view.

If you're looking for something different and don't mind the point of view switching constantly this was a good book. There's a lot of questions that haven't been answered so I'm looking forward to the next book. If you're looking for a romance, it's not so look somewhere else, not sure about the next book... you'll have to see that review to find out. :)