Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23)

Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23) - Sherrilyn Kenyon,  Fred Berman

Whew my head is spinning. This book was amazing. I am thinking that this may be my favorite Dark Hunter novel and that's saying quite a bit. Before you read this... you should read Acheron. I read Acheron like the day it came out and I have to say I wish very much that I had re-read it before Styxx. At least 75% of this book is in the past in Greece. You may think that you know Styxx from what you have previously read about him in some of the other Dark Hunter books. The first of which was Talon and Sunshine's book. I am overwhelmed by how much history there was in this book. I did not expect at all for this story to go the way it did. I expected something similar to Acheron's story actually.

I'm putting spoilers only because I would hate to say one thing that would ruin anything for someone else.My take on the characters: I loathed Rhyssa. What a jealous bitch. I felt vindicated when Tori mentions it to Acheron when he's looking at the diaries. I couldn't believe the pain and suffering that the uncle put them all through. I loved Bethany. I kept saying this is such a tragedy because I knew sooner or later she was going to find out who Styxx was. Oh my gosh it drove me crazy! Galen was great and I bawled when he died. I hate to say it but I was so upset with Acheron and his treatment of Styxx. Here I had thought that Styxx had been in some kind of paradise for 11,000 years. I seriously think he would have been more insane but I guess that would have ruined the story, lol. I mean Acheron suffered, don't get me wrong but at least he had Simi. The shock of the truth of Urion left me floored. I was thrilled. The way everything ended made me very happy. I kept thinking through the whole book that this better have a happy ending!

My head is still spinning. I feel completely satisfied with this book. My only warning is that there is quite a bit of violence and more. It is not for the faint of heart. Grab a box of tissues for sure. It's also very long! Enjoy. :)